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Camp Photos 2019

Camp Menominee is partnering with Waldo Photos for our daily photo uploads this year. This service is COMPLETELY FREE just as CampInTouch has been each year. Here are some of the benefits and advantages for parents:

  • You can favorite photos of your camper. These save directly to your account.
  • No guest accounts needed. You can share Menominee’s code “cm2019” with all your friends and relatives, and they can view all the photos for free.
  • You can share pictures directly to social media.
  • Every user will be able to download high resolution versions of any photo completely free!
  • Waldo has developed facial recognition software and will text you every picture your camper appears in each day! Unlike everything else noted above, this is a paid service (see below for details).

Here is how to find our pictures each day on Waldo’s free photo gallery:

  1. Visit their website at or find the “photos” link on the Camp Menominee website
  2. Type in the Camp Menominee code “cm2019”
  3. Choose your session and browse all of our photos. That’s it!




Photo Delivery System Option:

Waldo also offers an additional feature that you can elect to pay for if you’d like. Waldo has developed a service where you can get all the photos of your camper delivered straight to your phone each day via text message. Waldo uses facial recognition to match your camper’s face to photos in our daily album, and then sends them to you via fun and friendly text messages.

Cost: $9.99 for Week 1 and $5/week after.


  • Daily texts straight to your phone with pictures of your camper.
  • 6 free guest accounts that will receive the same service each day to their phones.
  • Access to the Waldo Photos App.

How to Enroll: You can enroll in one of three ways: 1) simply text “cm2019” to 735-343 and follow the prompts, 2) CLICK HERE, 3) Visit the gallery at and click “enroll now”.

You can also learn how it works in this quick video.

Please Note:

  • Camp Menominee does not collect any money from this partnership with respect to the facial recognition feature. The fees for this service are paid directly to Waldo.
  • This service is offered by Waldo who is a third party vendor. All questions and customer service issues will go through them.
  • Camp Menominee is continuing this partnership with Waldo in order to provide a potential valuable service to parents. Camp Menominee did not develop this software and we can make no guarantees as to the accuracy of their system. However, we worked with them last year and received positive feedback from the families who used this service.